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Tree & Shrub Care Services

C&C Landscaping Services, Inc.

Tree & Shrub Installation and Maintenance Services

Our professionals have the knowledge and expertise necessary to install trees and shrubs of all species and size, and keep them in peak condition all year round. We offer programs to help with root fertilization, deer repellent, winter burn protection, and more. Your ornamental trees and shrubs can either be the focal point in a beautiful yard, or a sore thumb sticking out to take away from the potential your landscape possesses. We understand the importance of utilizing trees and shrubs as an attractive feature of your front or back yard; and that’s why we will take the best approach to installing and caring for your vegetation and keep your property looking magnificent!

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How Can We Help You?

Contact us today at (203) 866-7008 to speak with an associate about how C&C Landscaping can serve you! For your convenience, we have a contact form available for you below, or send us an email at john@candcland.com to get more information about our landscaping services. We’re a contractor you’ll be proud to recommend to others. You can contact us today to schedule your no-cost consultation and estimate!

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