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What are the most common types of landscape diseases & pests in Connecticut?

In Connecticut, there are various diseases and pests that can affect your lawn, or even destroy it. The best way to avoid potential problems is to have routine lawn care, including aeration, scarification and sometimes chemical treatments. Here at Earth and Turf, we specialize in diagnosing and treating whatever disease or pest your lawn could be suffering from. Don’t wait any longer if you start to see symptoms of hazards that could destroy your grass. From rust, slime mold, snow mold, red thread, ants, grubs, fungi, moles, worms, etc; we will come up with a solution to rid the problem and make your lawn safe and enjoyable for you and your family.

Slime Mold
Most common during the summer and fall months, slime molds feed on microorganisms that live in dead plant material; and the spores can be spread by the wind or even a passing animal. Give us a call when you see slime mold or any growth that you are not sure about.

Red Thread
Red thread is the most common lawn disease, occurring after wet summers and falls. It can cause patches of red-stained grass, which will then turn brown and die. Don’t let this plague your lawn, leave it to us here at Earth and Turf to rid your lawn of red thread.

The agricultural fungi, Rust, can quickly spread by wind, water or insects and may destroy your lawn. Rust can be detected by orange pustules on the grass blades. Give us a call at the first sign of rust affecting your lawn.

Snow Mold (Fusarium Patch)
Snow mold is most often seen in the fall or after it snows, and is evident by seeing yellow or brown patches on your lawn. In some instances, you will notice a layer of white or pink mold that appears to look like cobwebs. These patches can spread like a plague and possibly destroy your yard if not dealt with immediately.

Ant Nests
Ants can be a troublesome burden for your lawn, not only for digging up hills that are unpleasing to look at, but possibly biting your pets and children while playing in the yard. Store-bought ant sprays and powders will not work outdoors where ants can nest deep in the soil. We can alleviate your ant problems with our professional methods.

Chafer Grubs
The larvae of the chafer beetle can be devastating to your lawn, not only because they eat grass roots; but because badgers and birds will tear up your lawn in order to eat them. Don’t try to deal with these pests yourself, waiting will only make matters worse and allow them to spread throughout your yard.

Fairy Rings
Fairy rings are a circle or an arc of mushrooms, and can be very unsightly on your lawn. Treatment for fairy rings is not available to the public; so let the pros at Earth and Turf remove this fungal intruder for you.

Leatherjackets are the larval stage of crane flies (daddy longlegs), and may cause yellow or brown patches on the surface of your lawn. They will eat the roots of grass and attract birds in order to eat them, that can tear up your lawn similar to how the chafer grubs do. Call us if you suspect that leatherjackets have invaded your grass.

When moles are searching for worms and grubs, they can leave hills of soil deposits all over your lawn. This can make mowing a challenge, as well as allowing for weeds to grow in the bare soil that is left from moles digging around. Earth and Turf has the ability to rid your lawn of these obnoxious pests.

Worm Casts
The casts from worms can be more than an ugly blemish on your lawn; if they are taken care of, they may kill the grass or have other adverse effects if not dealt with appropriately. We know the best methods of keeping your lawn safe from worms, diseases and pests; so call us to get a diagnosis and we can start treating your lawn immediately.

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